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Install LON-CAPA

LON-CAPA is based upon a lot of Open Source modules, so it's important to have the right environment on your computer. This is most easily done by installing on a dedicated machine while installing the operating system.

The configuring of LON-CAPA is part of the install process of the software. However, in case something needs to be altered, or isn't working, here is some information on configuring LON-CAPA.

Supported Linux Distros

LON-CAPA is supported on a variety of Linux distributions.

In the list below these are divided into distros with a long life cycle, i.e., those for which a particular version is supported by the distributor for 5 years or more, those with a short life cycle, i.e., those for which a particular version is supported for up to 18 months, and those initially advertised with a long lifecycle, later reduced.

Variable life cycle

Additional information

Downloading LON-CAPA

Current Production Release is Version 2.11.4. This version was released on February 27 2022 .

You can download the most current production version of LON-CAPA at http://install.lon-capa.org/versions/loncapa-current.tar.gz (version 2.11.4).

2.11 Releases

2.10 Releases

2.9 Releases

2.8 Releases

2.7 Releases

2.6 Releases

2.5 Releases

2.4 Releases

2.3 Releases

Contact Us: lon-capa@lon-capa.org

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